Monday 17 March 2008

BT admit to secret trials.

The Register published and article today confirming that BT did in fact trial this system last summer without seeking the consent of their customers or changing the terms and conditions.

This means that BT have now admitted to a criminal breach of RIPA and as such I urge all people who were effected by the secret trials last summer to seek criminal charges against BT with their local police station.

If you were to intercept BT communications and gain access to sensitive intellectual property you can be damn sure that BT would seek criminal charges against you, so why should they not be treated the same.

This is a very very important issue and the quicker criminal charges are brought against BT the quicker the rest of the corporate sector will understand that they cannot break the law for profit. It will also do a good job of stamping a little more life out of the Phorm stock price which is currently down a further 7.29% today (last checked 15:15).

BT are criminals, treat them as such.

Alexander Hanff

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