Monday 17 March 2008

Subject Access Request (SAR)

Do you want to know if you were part of the illegal BT trials last summer? If so you can send a Subject Access Request to BT's Data Controller under the Data Protection Act (DPA). You will need to send a £10 cheque or postal order but they are required by law to respond to the request within 40 days.

You can read the Information Commissioner's Office Guidelines on your rights regarding SAR under the DPA by downloading the following PDF directly from their website:

Subject Access - Guide for Data Subjects

If anyone would like to submit any ideas for Subject Access Request templates please do so. If not I will try to get a template up by the end of the week.

Make sure you send Subject Access Requests as "Registered Post" should you need to issue a complaint against BT for failing to adhere to the SAR within the 40 days.

I have talked to a legal friend of mine and he is going to try to put a template for SAR together by the end of the week for us.

Alexander Hanff

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Anonymous said...

How does this sound (I own a members only phpBB forum)

"Notice under RIPA to: Phorm Inc, All Subsidiary Companies of Phorm Inc, OIX Network, Internet Service Providers using the technologies provided by the former mentioned companies: The owner of this website specifically denies permission for the former mentioned companies to intercept, mirror or scan any communication between a remote user accessing content on this website and that person's Internet Web Browser, or any other Interface that such a remote user may use to obtain or update this websites data."

(I slightly altered the wording given by someone else in one of their comments on this blog)