Thursday, 13 March 2008

More to come

I am away all day tomorrow and won't be able to update the blog until tomorrow night. But rest assured I will be working over the weekend to provide more information and resources. I am currently looking at generating a template set of terms for site owners to use on their sites, which would deny consent for Phorm to intercept any communications between their web sites and their users.

I will also be working on a small tile banner for web site owners to place on their site to show they are supporting the Deny Phorm Campaign.

Some time in the next week I will be looking at setting up a database where Deny Phorm supporters can place their web site details. I will then publish and send and open letter to Phorm and the 3 ISPs currently involved, to make them aware of the database so they can take appropriate steps to prevent their technologies from committing a criminal offence under RIPA.

I have more ideas still being developed but I will provide more updates this weekend.

Anyone who wishes to help with anything, feel free to leave a comment.

Alexander Hanff


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the template terms... keep up the good work.

I tried to add a comment to your earlier post but Blogger cocked it up somehow.

Anonymous said...

Alex, great blog in general, but one comment from me...

If you or anyone creates an effective database of sites who Phorm is not to look at then surely you are actually presenting them with a valuable tool to effectively deliver their service and claim they are doing so dilligently and by using your database they can continue to operate and claim legitimacy.

Sorry, I think this is a bad idea. We need to think more about how to tackle this issue.

We do agree on one thing though... Bad phorm!!

Deny Phorm said...

I have been sick as a dog since Friday night so wasn't able to do anything I planned this weekend.

I will hopefully have some terms up by the end of this week but please be patient I really feel lousy at the moment.

Alexander Hanff

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to list sites that actually use OIX, so we could avoid these site and therefore start to reduce the usage and profitability of OIX making Phorm a company other potential sites will avoid.

I have installed the dephormation add-on for firefox and the only site that it has trigger the alert is